Domestic Violence Day News Conference

I would like to provide a brief statement regarding Domestic Violence Day news conference held at Casa de Misericordia on October 12, 2016. The Texas Council On Family Violence based in Austin, Texas, Chief Executive Officer, Gloria Terry, chose Casa's Laredo location as one of only two sites in Texas for a news conference on this very important day. I personally was so impressed by the attendance of so many dignitaries and community leaders. The 2nd floor meeting room was packed with attendees, with standing room only. From County Judge, Police Chief, CEO's from most major medical facilities, news media from TV stations, and local newspapers. Ms. Terry stated in her presentation that she had never seen anything like it in all her experience across the State of Texas such positive response for a news conference which spoke very highly of how the community looks at Casa de Misericordia and its leadership.
When the news conference ended Cynthia Haynes Ramirez and I were standing together talking about the events of the day. Ms. Terry came up to us and asked what our involvement was with Casa. We responded that we were on the Board of Directors. She began to describe her experience with Sister Rosemary and her tour of the shelter. She said that Casa is the "best" shelter that she has had the opportunity to tour, the "best" in every way, staff, organization, cleanliness, leadership. She said that Sister Rosemary sent one of the staff to take her on the tour, that Sister Rosemary felt comfortable that she did not have to be right there to answer any questions, confident that all the staff, no matter who it was, being well trained and familiar enough to show off the shelter and address any questions that might arise. Ms. Terry could not have been more pleased or complimentary with Casa de Misericordia.

– Cathey Moore

Comments About Casa and the Texas Coalition on Family Violence


I have known for some time about the effectiveness of Casa de Misericordia and Mercy Ministries of Laredo in Laredo. However, when The Texas Council on Family Violence (based in Austin, Texas) chose Laredo as one of the two sites in Texas to announce the Council's successes in the state, I realized how highly regarded Casa and its staff are regarded statewide.
Casa's success rates, management, and ability to leverage assets, well known to Laredo, are also recognized by statewide professionals as a "True Leader" in the field of addressing and dealing with Family Violence. Our local secret is not a secret but an example to how to deal with Family Violence.