Jacklyn Orr, new child advocate

I am Jacklyn Orr the new child advocate. I started on the first day of summer camp. It was an amazing experience that I would always keep in mind.  All of the kids seemed to know each other before arriving, and those who didn't, certainly got to know each other by the second day of camp.  Summer camp is a time for kids to make great memories. Kids get to learn new things and have fun.  Each day of camp I was able to see the enjoyment in each kid’s eyes as they were having fun. By the end of camp the kids were hoping for more days of camp. Summer camp for these kids was unforgettable!


18th Annual Casa de Misericordia Summer Camp

What a fun-filled summer we had! For the 18th year, Casa de Misericordia had the annual Summer Camp. This year we started off with ages 5 through 10, from arts and crafts – making our very own piggybank to an outing to water slide fun! Over 160 children attended! The following week, children ages 11 through 18 enjoyed various activities. We had an amazing time jumping at Altitude Trampoline Park. However, not all was fun and games; we learned from the very informative presentation on bullying and tips on being safe LPD shared with us.
We are so thankful to all who helped in the preparations of Summer Camp and who volunteered to live these unforgettable moments with the staff of Casa de Misericordia and all the children that attended.
—Christelle Valle, Children’s Services Coordinator