Staff and Board of Directors Receive Training on Working with LGBTQ Clients

In January, Kelsey Snapp, attorney with Texas RioGrande Legal Aid, gave a presentation at the monthly meeting of the Board of Directors of Casa de Misericordia. Kelsey presented on the unique challenges that face the gay, lesbian, and transgender community, not only in daily life, but also when seeking services for domestic violence. Ze1  also talked about policies for creating an inclusive and welcoming shelter for all, no matter their background, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. 
Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender clients come from all walks of life, backgrounds, races, and socio-economic classes. However, they often face discrimination when seeking work, housing, or even medical care. Discrimination and rejection in the past may prevent them from seeking the services that they need. For this reason, Casa Misericordia has clear policies that welcome survivors from all backgrounds, and that we publicize our commitment to serve all who are in need. Our staff is eager to welcome all who need our help.
The training in January built on a previous training Kelsey did for the staff of Casa de Misericordia in November of 2015. Kelsey also presented on LGBTQ issues for the staff of the Mercy Clinic and at Laredo’s monthly Domestic Violence Task Force.

Ze1 is a common gender-neutral pronoun used by people who do not identify with binary gender pronouns.