Orange is the New Black - Thursday Evening with a Wonderful Writer

Meeting Piper Kerman was an unexpected gift. Her book Orange is the New Black details her life in a women’s prison. As fascinating and insightful as the book is, the author in person is even better. Piper helped us think compassionately about women in prison, children born to women in prison, the number of women and men in prison who have not committed violent crimes. Her willingness to accept her own punishment, coupled with a passion for the plight of inmates, made for a great evening.
Most importantly, she made clear how much domestic violence is a very real piece of many women inmates story. She detailed numerous cases of women she has met, whose trajectory towards incarceration didn’t start with crime, but abuse and childhood wounds. Amazingly she also provided hope, and showed the humanity and often the bonds, and the humor that help women survive as inmates.
Casa de Misericordia’s track record of bringing in articulate, passionate writers who care about the plight of victims of domestic violence provides an opportunity to learn, to laugh, to give, and to commit once again to the mission make Laredo a place where domestic violence slowly, but surely shrinks and God willing someday disappears.
Paul Frey