Casa De Misericordia Graduation Ceremony

Submitted by Cynthia Haynes Ramirez/Casa de Misericordia Board member

I recently attended the Graduation ceremony held at Casa de Misericordia(Casa) for participants involved at the Education Center.  It was a most enjoyable, emotional and fun event.  The ladies who graduated were so happy and excited to get their certificates of completion.  They exhibited their crafts and artwork and sang songs in English to show their family, friends and audience their English skills.  It was heartwarming to see their faces light up because they had achieved the goals  they had set for themselves and that were part of the curriculum.
The Education Center has been collaborating with Laredo Community College for eleven(11) years and  they are hoping to expand and/or change some of the classes according to recommendations of the Advisory Board of Casa. The Advisory of Casa is comprised of individuals who have been in the Shelter and/or have come to the Education center for Classes and other needed services.
I look forward to the December Graduation.
I congratulate the graduates, Laredo Community College Instructors, volunteer teachers and staff for their commitment for their commitment!
If you would be interested in being a volunteer teacher, mentor and or assisting in any way at the Education center please contact :
Dora Inclan
Education Center Administrator