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We have a safe house where you

and your kids can stay.

You shouldnʼt have to live in fear.

Children donʼt deserve to live in fear.




Casa de Misericordia staff will assist you with a
safety plan and answer questions regarding your

All information obtained is confidential.



If you think you are a victim of domestic violence, call (956) 712-9591


1) Plan



Plan ahead and

think of relatives

and friends who

can assist you.


2) Prepare

- Legal documents

- Change of clothes

- Money

- Medication

- Diapers

- Formula

- Favorite toy 

3) Protect


A protective order will remove the batterer

from the house. For more information on

protective orders, call Casa Misericordia or

dial 911. 

Service provided to victims without regard of race, national origin, age, physical handicap, religion or gender identity.

Direct Service Volunteer Shares Her Experience

by Elena K. Holloway

After closing our family business in 2017, I began to think about the work options available when my daughter-in-law and CASA Board Member told me that Sister Rosemary needed help at the Education Center. Sister interviewed me a the end of August and in September I began volunteering at CASA. The work is rewarding, the ladies, nurturing, and their attitudes very positive.

The families we serve have given me a different perspective on domestic violence and the havoc it inflicts on the entire family. The programs and classes offered, however, point to positive outcomes and new beginnings. 





The mission of Casa de Misericordia is the empowerment of women and children, the accountability of

the batterer, and commitment to work with the Laredo Community.




The vision of Casa de Misericordia (CASA) is that battered women, despite all they have endured, can

reclaim their lives by receiving comprehensive, holistic services, and consistent long-term support.


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